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Has the clutter taken over your home? Bee organized gives lasting organization for any area of your home. 

Have you had enough of the clutter in your home?  Want the clutter gone for good? Then you are ready for Bee Organized to transform your life and home. Bee Organized takes the piles of clothes, laundry, shoes, toys, or boxes, and gets an organization in place that last for years to come. Working with a Professional Organizer saves you time, money, and gives you the gift of space and peace of mind in your home. Bee Organized doesn't have a magic wand to wave but we do magically create more useable square footage in your home.  

Facts Are Facts

Clutter negatively affects so many areas of your life, not just your home. If you would use a personal trainer to get into shape, think of Bee Organized as your personal clutter trainer. Not only will Bee Organized get your home better than it has been, it will be organized in a custom tailored way to you. Outer order leads to inner peace so it is hard to feel focused, at rest, or calm in a cluttered environment.  If you are ready to feel at peace in your home, have more square footage Bee Organized is here to help.



about us

Elizabeth is a nonjudgmental professional organizer who has loved getting people organized her whole life. As early  grade school her favorite thing to do was go to her friends' houses and organize their closets for fun. The love of organization followed her into adult life. She has always wanted a profession where she can help make people's lives better combined with her passion of organization, so becoming a professional organizer was the easiest career choice that she ever made. 


Bee Organized is based in The Woodlands, TX and services The Woodlands, Magnolia, Conroe, Spring, and Tomball. Working one on one with families who are feeling overwhelmed with their clutter and don’t know where to start is my passion. I listen to my client's needs and focus on where they are feeling the most disorganized, and what goals they would like to achieve (i.e. parking a car in the garage, making the playroom a play area again, walking into their walk-in closets). I will help make your organization goals achievable and homes feel more organized and efficient. Whether it is one room or a whole house, there is no job too big or small for me to help you with. Additionally, I take all items that are no longer usable or wanted to the donation center of your choice and have extensive knowledge of where to send specific items for donations, as well as how to properly dispose of those items that cannot be donated. This saves you a trip to the donation center and your tax receipt gets mailed back to you for a nice tax write off. 


Getting organized  give you peace of mind and a feeling of peace in your home. Other benefits include, selling your home faster, save you money by no longer buying items you can’t find in the home, not buying childrens toys that are hidden under other things, and no longer needing your storage unit. Save your time, get more energy, as well as many other health and financial benefits from decluttering. Estimates are free and you have everything to gain. 





Our Services


personal home services

  • Whole Home Organization    
  • Single Room Organization
  • De-Cluttering
  • Creative ideas to keep or repurpose existing items in a more useable way
  • Closet Organization                                    
  • Garage Makeovers
  • AND MORE! 


How it works

  • Call, Text, or Email to set up free in home consultation.
  • A nonjudgmental Professional Organizer will come to your home to evaluate areas you want worked on. We  listen to your needs and goals then send an estimate to you within 24 hours.
  • Schedule a time to work in desired rooms or areas with Bee Organized professional organizer, we even work weekends!
  • Clear and organize desired areas of your home with Bee Organized Professional Organizer while learning new tips and tricks to keep areas cleaned and organized. 
  • All items that are no longer relevant in the home will be taken to donation center of your choice the same day as a part of our top notch service. 

How to reach your goals

  • Start on home organization when you are ready, not because it is something you feel you must do. 
  • DO NOT be embarrassed to need a personal organizer; just like some need a CPA to do their taxes and others need a mechanic to fix their car, some need a personal organizer to help them gain back square footage
  • Be open to the good of letting go, and don't worry, that does not mean tossing out your most valued and treasured items. This simply means evaluating what you do have and if you really want to keep housing the items that you no longer find value in
  • Work towards creating a life with less stress and worry
  • Start thinking for yourself and decide what you want your life to look like – stick to it.

Added Value Services:

  •  Nonjudgmental and Professional
  • Upbeat Attitude, we make the tedious fun and supportive 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 
  • Will help you pick the right organization tools
  • Gain back livable areas and enjoy life with fewer distractions 
  • Able to help you best decide if the items no longer wanted are best to be recycled, donated, or sold online or consignment
  • Offering 6 month follow up appointments and email, text, and phone support when needed

I cannot stress enough the NON JUDGMENTAL portion of my service. I truly wanting to help you achieve your goals of making your home more organized and livable making you feel truly respected and at peace in your home. I am empathetic, kind, and enthusiastic and ready to help you get organized.

What our clients are saying:

Only 5 star Reviews! 

"As Elizabeth helped me go through my belongings and really evaluate whether or not those items were bringing me true usefulness/joy in my life, I saw the added value Bee Organized gives its customers."

"I cannot recommend this service and Elizabeth Strauss enough! Yes, she did give us our life back after downsizing by 1200 square feet. I spent 5 full days with Elizabeth (moved and was overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" we had) and she was kind and compassionate, while organizing, decorating, donating and helping me to make great decisions on what items to keep. She also has great contacts for those projects requiring additional assistance. Make an appointment today!"



The main advantage of getting organized is that it makes your environment less busy so you can find and use those things that matter to you, without having to work around the rest.
— Chrissy Halton


Before & after

Below are photos of The amazing and life changing ways your home can be transformed, from unmanageable to unimaginably organized. Working alongside a compassionate and kind personal organizer can truly organize and transform your life. We create strategic and lasting organization for you and your home.    

After a free evaluation and consultation we will be happy to send over an estimate within 24 hours. Packages start with as little as four hours and can be purchased for as many hours as it takes to get the job done. 



I am  so looking forward to helping you get your home organized. Estimates are free, please provide your contact information so that I can set up a time to come by and talk with you, listen to your goals, and get you organized. I book up quickly and want to schedule a time that works best for you. Bee Organized can be available after 5:00 PM as well as on weekends. Getting organized starts with our first visit so please reach out now. 

Photo by Oko_SwanOmurphy/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Oko_SwanOmurphy/iStock / Getty Images

Tip of the week! 

Pro tip on how to stay organized, broken down in to four simple and easy to use steps. 1) Declutter. Work through the entire home, room by room, drawer by drawer, do a deep and through decluttering. 2) take donations to the center of your choice on the same day you de clutter, why bag and box it all up just to sit in a new area of the home? 3) declutter often and regularly, don't be afraid to make frequent trips to the donation center. Often clearing clutter leads to more clutter clearing, be honest about why you are keeping the items you are keeping. 4) Be very careful about what you bring back into your home and your shopping habits. Be very mindful of where your time and money are going, is it on shopping for more items or is it spent doing fun activities with your family? Change your habits, change your life. What can Bee Organized do to help you in 4 hours? Can we kick start you clutter clearing or help you in an area you feel really stuck in? Call 281-460-6534 today. Bee Organized wants to see you Bee successful and have a livable, useable, comfortable home.How can I help you today? Bee sure to like our Facebook page for daily tips.


Prefered vendors

Bee Organized proudly refers these excellent home services. Please click on the links below to learn more about our amazing networking partners and please feel free to call 281-460-6534 or email to learn why we recommend these amazing services. 


Home cleaning

Bee Organized highly recommends Secret Service Cleaning. From a one time deep clean to a regularly scheduled home cleaning service, Secret Service is second to none. 


Senior services

Bee Organized highly recommends Always Best Care for non-medical in-home care and assisted living referral services. Truly a value and service to our whole community.


Animal Adoption

Bee Organized proudly supports Montgomery County Animal Shelter and their commitment to the humane, efficient, high quality care of animals in our shelter.